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The excitment of Piglet and Pooh…

After a late summer/early autumn gestation period, my revamped website was about to go live.  I was very excited!  In fact I popped a post on my Facebook page (Birch Moon) to give people a ‘heads up’ that something…was about to happen. And then it didn’t!  Technical issues, possibly a bug, maybe a glitch, weird […]

The Healing Art of Aurveda

A day filled with an abundance of sunshine and warmth, yesterday saw twenty of us gather for a retreat day deep in the Somerset countryside. By weaving together the ancient arts of Yoga (with Emma Gliddon of Do Yoga) and Sacred chant (my path), we co-created a beautiful healing space where these sister sciences cleared, […]

The Sound of Grace women’s group.

I was recently in the Totnes area (and a very happy hippy I was too!) and got chatting to some women in a cafe, swapping stories of our travels, our work styles and healing modalities and what led us to our individual paths.  It was a fascinating conversation and these ‘strangers’ quickly became new friends. […]

The Sound of Grace – a transformational programme for women

This is an exciting time as I design and share this unique programme for women.  Starting in September, it is the culmination of both my personal and professional experience in the world of sacred sound, chant, mantra and more. Back in 1999, when my son was just 2 years old, we lived in the north west of […]