Dive Into Life!

A transformational healing circle for women

A programme of six study/retreat days from September 2016 to March 2017

An Invitation to all women…

  • Find and express your Authentic Voice
  • Connect to your Feminine Wisdom and Power
  • Heal – Release – Transform!
  • Dive into a sacred path of personal and spiritual development, connecting to your heart’s purpose and joy.

This programme supports women to co-create a transformative and healing Sacred Sound Circle.  We will draw upon cross-cultural sound techniques – chant, mantra, vocal maps, music journeying, shamanic healing postures, silence and inquiry.

“For thousands of years sacred sound, chant and mantra have been used for health, healing and spiritual connection.  The vibration clears, balances and strengthens us mentally, physically and emotionally.  And it goes beyond our human self – to our Soul-Self; supporting our spiritual development and growth.  Ancient healing for 21st century souls.”

This is for you if:-

You are called to find and express your Authentic voice, the ability to stand in your power and speak your truth with confidence and integrity.?

Your Heart desires healing – from pain, grief, loss, rejection, life’s events that shape and make us…transform these wounds into places of peace, self-compassion, joy.  

Would you like to develop true confidence, self-esteem and inner strength to ride the waves of life?

You serve others in this world – as therapist, carer, wife, mother, teacher, doctor…and this work offers you a sacred way of Self-care

You want to have fun, laugh, be more joyous, crazy, and connect with fellow wild, wise women?!

We will engage with cross-cultural music and ancient healing postures to access inner wisdom, clear blocks, inspire, uplift and empower – supporting and protecting us as we travel through this life and learn to ride the waves.

‘Vocal Maps’ allow us to clear, heal and energise our energy centres (chakras); individual voice assessments are included in this work to reveal energetic blocks, (stagnation or ‘over-use’) and sound/music ‘prescriptions’ are offered for personal practice.

Individual, diad and triad ‘Naked Voice’ practices are incorporated, providing a safe, compassionate listening space in which we are truly heard, from the Heart; expressing yourself freely, without hesitation, with strength, joy and liberation!  You are accepted as you are, where you are, and gently guided and encouraged to be so much more…

CELEBRATE!  Our six month journey together will culminate in a Ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate YOU as the unique individual Wild Wise Woman that you are.  Honouring the journey you have been on, and supporting you in making the transition to the next stage of your life,!

 What’s included:– We meet for 6 retreat days between September 2016 to March 2017,  co-creating a sacred circle of supportive women, enabling you to benefit from individual and group healing.  Personal guidance and support is offered for home practice – including mantra, chant and cross-cultural music ‘prescriptions’.  Plus a mid-session conference call offering you on-going support and guidance, and a time to chant together. A study/practice booklet is provided.

Tea, coffee, herbal teas and snacks (fresh fruit and afternoon cake) will be available throughout the day.  We have a bring and share vegetarian lunch.

FREE TASTER SESSION:  If you are curious – or new to this work – come along on Sunday 21st August from 1030 to 1200 to gain an insight into this beautiful way of healing and transformation.  From 1200 onwards I am holding a Summer Sound Celebration to officially launch my new chant CD – Sound & Silence.  It’s a chanting, singing, laughing summer party!  

Alternatively, you can arrange a one to one Skype session to explore how this programme may support you. Please use the contact form to do this. 

EARLY BIRD PRICE:  This has been extended from July to the 21st August 2016 –  the total cost for the 6 days is £330 (payable in advance)  – thereafter the price is £390.  Your commitment is for the full 6 days.  A non-refundable deposit of £100 secures your place.  The balance can be paid in installments but needs to be discussed with me on an individual basis.

DATES: Saturday September 10th – Sunday October 23rd – Saturday December 3rd – Sunday January 15th 2017 – Saturday 25th February – Sunday 26th March

PLEASE NOTE! To book your place or if you have any questions you can complete the Contact Form or pay via the Shop.  I am way on retreat from Friday 5th August and will be back in the office from Monday 15th August – and will get back to you on my return.

For further details and booking arrangements use the Contact Form or call Sarena direct on 07974 340580

 “Sarena has a wealth of experience in the realms of speaking through to singing – from the contemplative to the theatrical use of the voice – she is a joy to work with!”

Chloe Goodchild-Founder of The Naked Voice, author, international singer