“Chi Yoga” is a wonderful fusion of yoga and Chinese energy movement.  Weaving together softly flowing movements, gentle holistic yoga, breathing for health and mediation that supports our whole system – mind, body, and (emotional) heart.  Ancient wisdom for 21st century living – a perfect way to start your week – feel gently energised and alive in mind and body!

Our sessions include “Do In” – gentle self-massage which is really good for calming the nervous system, improving sleep and boosting immunity; “Makka Ho” is a series of gentle yoga postures that clear the meridians (energy channels in Chinese medicine) and supports all the organs within the body to function at their optimal level; simple Qi Gung mindful movement and “Energy Medicine” techniques that boost our immune system, overall health and energy.  We also draw on the wisdom of gentle holistic yoga practices that include postures (asana), effective breathing techniques (pranayama), and relaxation (yoga nidra). This 1 ¼ hour session is the perfect way to start your week and give yourself a boost!

We all have different bodies – flexibility, strength and health issues – options are always offered to help you get the best from your practice.  A confidential health questionnaire will be sent to you upon booking – this helps me support you in the best way I can.

NEXT 7 WEEK COURSE STARTS: Monday 9th September

TIME: 10AM – 11.15AM

VENUE: Cross Memorial Hall, Cross, Nr Axbridge, Somerset

COST: £49.00 for the 7 weeks ** If attending both courses (Friday and Monday) a discount applies.

BOOKING: For further details and booking please email sarena@birchmoon.co.uk or call 07974 340580 (or send message via the contact form below)

Cancellation Policy: Full refund given 14 days before the start of the course.  50% refund 1 week before start date.  Less than one week – no refund.