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You are a gifted teacher Sarena, and your obvious passion for what you do communicates through to me, and leads me to not only enjoy our sessions, but feel inspired too.

Gentle Holistic Yoga – The Power of Slow…This style of yoga is accessible to everyone – from complete beginners and those with health issues or injuries, to experienced practitioners who recognise that, as part of a healthy lifestyle “strong yoga or the gym” is only part of the jigsaw.  Rooted in Hatha yoga, these classes are influenced by other traditions such as yin, restorative, Vini and Dru yoga.  Chinese medicine and the Element theory also play a part in my Chi Yoga classes.   Ultimately, we connect mindful movement with the breath, gaining a deeper awareness of our true self (rather than the perceived ego-self), and the perfection that we are.   All are welcomed.


Gentle holistic yoga has a power all of its own; the Power of Slow.  Drawing on the wisdom of traditional Hatha yoga and the modern science of neurobiology, my classes support health and healing through exploring asana (postures), pranayama (breathing for health), meditation and yoga nidra (deep relaxation).  We synchronise movement with breath, pause to allow the body to assimilate the practices, and learn to listen deeply and respectfully to our inner wisdom.

From 4 gentle yoga classes a week, meditation and podcasts too – there is an abundance of options to support your wellbeing in mind, body and heart.  You will improve strength, flexibility and balance, plus develop a calm, clear mind – in an easeful way.

During this Covid-19 situation your online yoga classes have been an absolute god-send Sarena; offering me structure to my week, support and a sense of community.  It continues to be invaluable.  (PJ, yoga teacher, Bristol)

Yes this is “exercise” but it’s so much more; it is “innercise”.  When we’ve been rushing around in our daily lives and allowing our thoughts to take control, these practices help us to switch off the ‘monkey mind’, be in the present moment, and gain a better perspective on life events.  Our culture, our personal history, and current day challenges can all create an environment where connecting to the body is an alien concept (what body?!).  An over-active nervous system, fuelled by anxiety (adrenaline and cortisol), stress, fear or the constant rushing around juggling work, family and other responsibilities is very common;  this style of yoga supports you in calming the mind and the body in kind, compassionate ways.  Whilst gentle yoga is perfect for beginners, you’ll also be challenged in ways appropriate to your health and situation.

Why Do Yoga?  People often join yoga classes for the physical benefits – flexibility, strength, better posture, maybe to ease out aches and pains.  You’ll know it’s excellent for reducing stress too – but actually I would put the mental and emotional benefits at the top of the list.  Why?  Until we calm the mind, get better control of our ‘monkey mind’ (we’re rarely in the present moment), and develop better equilibrium in our emotions – the body will continue to experience muscular tensions, pain, inflammation, limited movement and ill health.

Click here for the multiple benefits of gentle yoga – physical, mental, and emotional.

One participant says, “My ongoing journey with CFS/ME and fatigue issues has been challenging; joining in with your classes I now have more physical strength, am calmer and more energy!” Brilliant.  KL, Glos.


Other yoga classes for beginners were too hard and/or too fast for me.  I gave up – but Sarena is so patient and encouraging and she teaches in a warm and accessible way.  I’ve fallen in love with yoga! Mr G, Cheddar, Somerset

At the Birch Moon Centre we offer 6 week courses giving you the opportunity to commit to your health on a weekly basis, learn, develop and refine your practice – and experience the accumulative benefits of regular yoga.  With free resources (podcasts of relaxation, meditations, short yoga sequences etc) there’s always time for some yoga at home!

Current Class Schedule:

Monday – Chi Yoga – Shipham Village Hall, nr Cheddar. 10am – 11.15am
Tuesday – Yoga for Wellbeing – Axbridge Town Hall.  7.30pm – 8.45pm
Wednesday – Badgworth Old Schoolroom, nr Axbridge. 10am – 11.15am
Friday – The Chill Zone/Restorative – Online/Zoom – 1.45pm – 3pm.

1 to 1 Wellbeing Sessions also available – yoga and/or coaching for health.


About Sarena: I am a Certified 500 hour Holistic Yoga Teacher (Devon School of Yoga), Advanced Cross-cultural music and sound therapist (over 20 years of study and practice) and have a real passion for healing chant and mantra from various traditions, teaching students internationally.   A Positive Psychology Life Coach, my trainings have been with Dr Chris Johnstone, one of the UK’s leading resilience experts and Mentor Coach (USA).