A deeply nourishing afternoon that weaves together gentle, restorative yoga – simple healing sound/chant – and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).  Suitable for all, this 2 hour retreat-style workshop begins with simple breathwork to calm the mind and body, followed by soothing restorative yoga postures that support a deep sense of ease and letting go of your daily life, responsibilities and stress.  These postures, when combined with simple healing sound (optional, it’s all very quiet), create a sense of wellbeing that in turn recharges your batteries in an easeful way.

From simple humming to single syllable (Bija) sounds, the vibration of sound has a remarkable effect on our mind and body.  Like an internal massage, sound releases stress and tension held in the muscles and fascia.  It is soothing for the mind, and naturally lengthens the exhale which calms the nervous system and expels stale air from the lungs.  Humming and Bija sounds also support good immune function and helps us to feel happier naturally.

We finish with a guided Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) that is said to be the equivalent of 3-4 hours sleep in just a 304-40 minute practice.

WHEN:  Sunday 29th August


WHERE:  Badgworth Old Schoolroom, nr Axbridge, Somerset.  BS26 2QN

PRICE: £15 payable in advance (BOOKING & PAYMENT HERE)

Who is this for?  YOU!  Anyone who would love an afternoon of nourishing, nurturing and deep rest.  To rest deeply,  recharge your batteries, soothe mind and body.  

An In Person Session! And also Livestream via Zoom ( a link is sent ahead of the day)