Two retreat weekends (March and October 2022) plus three weekend sessions online (10am to 1pm each day) April June and September.

Learning the Art of Listening to the Self                                                            

A warm welcome awaits you!  Meet and connect with your fellow travellers, your new Tribe.  Opening ceremony to dedicate yourself to your journey, to set the intention of co-creating this healing circle.

We can only express our authentic self, and speak our truth, when we reconnect to who we truly are – our Soul-self.  Deep listening, accessed through sound  practices, a moving meditation from the Bon P period (protective and opens our intuition), music journeying and healing mantras, will be developed through these first 2 sessions and through-out the programme.

Listening To and Expressing Your Authentic Self.

Drawing on Holistic Yoga and Creative Movement,  we use postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama) and Dramatherapy exercises to come home to ourselves, to be fully ‘in the body’.  This physical foundation allows us to be grounded, and not only connect with our intuition but our Heart or Soul-Self.  We will explore ways of listening deeply to that quiet inner voice, that holds your truth.  This includes Voice scans, The Octave of Consciousness, mudra (sacred hand gestures), chant, and yoga practices to release “Granthis” (knots) held within the body.  This is a time to explore, experiment and play!  Creative movement helps us to connect to our body-wisdom, and move from our heads to our physicality.

Clearing the Way To Speak Your Truth

Continuing our exploration into both our strengths and potential, we also, via enquiry, Shamanic Healing Postures and cross-cultural music journeying consider our blocks, ‘stuckness’ and resistance to change.  With  compassion and humour we dance with those parts of ourselves that would have us stay small…it is only an imbalance of energy and we use these modalities to dissolve the blocks and build our strengths.  Here also group or individual coaching is introduced to gently explore resistance and fears, inviting a compassionate curiosity.

Celebrate! Ceremony!

We close our programme with another retreat in Dorset;  Moving Forward – Take your place and space in this  world with confidence and strength; calling upon and drawing upon the Divine Feminine.  What is it you choose to take forward? Leave behind? Practice  more deeply for your own self-care and growth? There will be a closing ceremony to reflect upon, and honour, each woman’s individual journey, growth and learning.  A deep bow to your courage, and unique beautiful selves!

The Healing Modalities

Mantra and Chant – For thousands of years sacred sound, chant and mantra have been used for health, healing and spiritual connection.  ‘Sacred’ means divinely given and therefore they have no human authorship.  Holy men (Rishis) spent years in silent retreat, often in caves, ‘listening’ for the voice of the Divine, the sound of the Universe, or “What is”.  Mantras were intuitively perceived, heard and then chanted with the inherent meaning and vibrational healing power becoming understood through their use.

These mantras and chants have been taught via the oral tradition – and whilst now many (but not all) are widely available through books and recordings – transmission only takes place from the teacher to student.  Therefore, when I share mantras with you there is a transmission of the sacred healing energy, which is rooted in my own teacher’s lineage.

We will learn mantras and chants from the Vedic, Hindu, Tibetan, Buddhist and Vedic traditions.

Cross-Cultural Music Therapy – I studied the therapeutic use of cross-cultural music with Pat Moffitt-Cook, PhD. a leading pioneer in the use of this genre of music and sacred sound.  She has travelled throughout the world for 30 years recording sacred healing music and participating in the musical rituals and healing ceremonies of many cultures.  She is also a Vedic chant master and teacher.  My studies with her began in 1999 – and continue today.

We will use carefully chosen pieces of cross-cultural music to support your journey of inquiry and healing, and also to inspire, uplift and connect you to your inherent feminine power.  The instruments used, key, lyrics, rhythms, create a ‘container’ within which insights and healing may occur.  In addition, many pieces have been composed with specific healing qualities in mind.  This is a fascinating and beautiful way to work!

Alongside this, we will use Shamanic Healing Postures which draws upon the work of Felicitas D. Goodman who researched what she called ‘bodily archaeology’; holding body postures represented in small pieces of ancient sculpture, she and her co-workers experienced consistent results of a shamanic nature.  Insights, healing, journey to the under and over-world, divination and more…I have explored many of these postures during my training and in my personal research.  Really, we are privileged to have access to these ancient ways of connecting to the unseen world, and they are a gift I happily share with sincere seekers.

Healing Through Movement – Each session includes aspects of Holistic Yoga, Breathwork, Shintaido (New Body Way) and Creative Movement to clear, balance and strengthen us physically, mentally and energetically.  Movement and chant are the magical twin pillars to support you feeling fully at Home within your body.

Vocal Expression – From chanting the Healing Bija (seed) sounds to toning, the “Octave of Consciousness” (a Naked Voice practice) we build strength and power throughout the Chakra  or energy centres within our physical, mental and emotional system.  Vocal maps and techniques assist us to open up and develop your authentic voice; expression through sounding.  You do not need to be able to sing ‘in tune’ – a western concept that inhibits so many.  Although all this voice work will tune your inner and outer listening which, in turn, will enable you to hear and repeat ‘in tune’ sounds!

Silence and Meditation – Last but by no means least…without Silence and Meditation we cannot truly know who we are, cannot hear the ‘small still voice’ of the Divine that resides within, and are unable to come home to ourselves.  Following chant and mantra, silence allows the vibration to settle and flow deeply into the places it is needed.  Guidance will be given and both will be incorporated into each day.