Sounds and vibrations are a powerful form of energy. And just as a high pitched voice can shatter glass, and ultrasound break down kidney stones, then the vibration of our voices, using carefully chosen sounds or mantras that hold healing vibrations, can clear, balance and strengthen us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Indeed, chants and mantras have been used for thousands of years, by people of all faiths and none, to achieve health, healing and spiritual connection. And whatever your own belief/non belief, the vibration of sound leads you more easily into a place of stillness and silence, where healing can occur, and (re)connection to your wise, inner self is made.

We incorporate meditation into our sessions, which enables us to take better control of our “monkey mind” – learning how to notice (Witness) our thoughts and life events without judgement, helping us to be more present.  The chanting focusses the mind and makes sitting in stillness far easier than some other more traditional forms of meditation.

There are so many benefits to chanting – from mental calm and focus, improved immune, lung and digestive function,  strengthen your mind, increased energy, improved sleep, boost your mood naturally, a better sense of your “Self” and last but by no means least, spiritual connection and development.

Drop-In Option – Three times a year (September, January and May) I offer open-to-all drop in sessions, giving you the opportunity to dip a toe and experience the gentle power of healing chant.  There are also half and full day workshops.

NEW! This Healing Chant Series supports you to go deeper into healing chant – for your home practice; for health and healing; for spiritual connection and development.  It’s always a beautiful experience to do a “drop in” session, but to really benefit and experience the power of chant and mantra, these 3-sessions give you a focussed opportunity to touch the magic of mantra.

Each 3 session/6 hour Healing Chant Series will include:- the theory, science and history of each chant/practice, the Sanskrit script and transliteration, teaching and refining through “Call & Response”, Pdf of the practices, and recordings to support home practice.

Your Teacher:  I have been studying, practising and teaching healing chant for over 20 years.  My main teacher is Dr Patricia Cook PhD, Founder & Director of The Open Ear Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  Studying extensively with Pat in the States, India and Belgium, this included Cross-cultural Music Practitioner (Advanced) and Spiritual Health Through Sound (chanting), My studies have incorporated chant from different traditions and the therapeutic use of cross-cultural music; – I use both in her group and one-to-one work.  Vedic chant is the root of all Sanskrit mantra – I am now studying to be a Vedic Chant Teacher (initial study with Pat Cook, and now with Sarah Waterfield through the TSYP – The Society of Yoga Practitioners).  Some healing Vedic chants will be taught through the upcoming Series.

Who is this for?

The Healing Chant Series are open to anyone who has a curiosity or interest in sacred sound, chant, and vocal toning for self-inquiry, personal wellness and for healing. You do not need any previous experience or “singing ability” to participate. Each 3 session series is highly experiential and offers sacred tools for balancing stress, maintaining health and supporting deeper self- awareness.  If you are a yoga teacher or holistic/wellbeing practitioner and wish to share these practices with your students/clients,  there is the opportunity for additional study/assessment, please enquire. 

Upcoming themes:-

Roots: November – December 2021.  Come home to yourself, be grounded, rooted, feel secure and clear within your life and about who you are.  Learning, reviewing and refining a simple, yet powerful home practice that incorporates both seated and ‘on the move’ chants, the Bija sounds (and why they have incredible potential), Humming for Health, the Universal Aum and Sam Kien U Ki (seated, moving meditation).  Plus mantras that support your connection to the earth.

DATES:  3 Sundays – 2pm – 4pm – November 7th and 21st, December 12th. 

Clear- Balance -Strengthen – Exploring the Chakras:  February – April 2022 (dates TBA)Learn healing chants from different traditions, that support, strengthen and reveal the multi-dimensional nature of the Chakras, our main energy centres that are situated along the central channel of the body.  Exploring their impact on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (koshas in the yoga tradition).  

You Are Nature:  Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether…June – July 2022 (Dates TBA).  From single syllable Bija/seed sounds to longer chants and mantras, we develop a greater awareness of the fundamental nature of ourselves – and strengthen these elements to support our health and healing.  Combined with mudras (hand gestures) you can identify imbalances, strengthen your health on all levels. 

PRICE:  Each 3 session Series costs £75 and includes 6 hours of in person study/practice, pdf handouts, recordings of the healing chants for personal, home support.  A private 1:1 session is available at the Series price of £35 (usually £55) for personal guidance.