Positive Psychology & Meditation

Life!! It can be a real juggle sometimes.  This popular course runs for 4 weeks and teaches you how to boost your mood naturally, manage stress, increase calm, move from pessimism to optimism and flourish!  Instead of getting overwhelmed by life’s challenges – learn how to ride the waves with confidence.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology has been described in many ways and with many words, but the commonly accepted definition of the field is this:

“Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living” (Peterson, 2008).

To push this brief description a bit further, positive psychology is a scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behavior, with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses, building the good in life instead of repairing the bad, and taking the lives of average people up to “great” instead of focusing solely on moving those who are struggling up to “normal” (Peterson, 2008).

What Positive Psychology Focuses on… in a Nutshell

Positive psychology focuses on the positive events and influences in life, including:

  1. Positive experiences (like happiness, joy, inspiration, and love).
  2. Positive states and traits (like gratitude, resilience, and compassion).
  3. Positive institutions (applying positive principles within entire organizations and institutions).


As a field, positive psychology spends much of its time thinking about topics like character strengths, optimism, life satisfaction, happiness, well-being, gratitude, compassion (as well as self-compassion), self-esteem and self-confidence, hope, and elevation.

On this Thrive! Happier Naturally course we explore these topics in order to learn how to help ourselves flourish and live our best lives.

So – Build your Tool Kit for Change which also includes relaxation and meditation techniques. Great tools for sharing with your children too.

I’ve studied and taught Positive Psychology for over a decade, and meditation for oooh, ages (30+ years actually) Both have had a significant impact on my health and life.

This is my popular 8 week “From Surviving to Thriving” in a nutshell…

Meditation in a nutshell…

To understand meditation in a nutshell, go and get a camera and take two pictures of the same thing.

For the first, hold your camera as still as possible, and take a picture.

For the second, shake your camera back and forth as fast as you can while you snap the photo.

The difference between the clarity in the two pictures is the difference in the clarity of a life with and without meditation.

For thousands of years people from all walks of life and cultures have sat in silence, following their breath, noticing and letting go of the thoughts that always arise…it is as relevant today as it’s always been; ancient techniques for 21st century living.  No religious or spiritual beliefs are required (although for many this is fundamental to their personal and spiritual development).

I teach a variety of techniques so that you can choose what feels best for you with your current lifestyle.  Treat it as a Buffet…you might take one or two ways of meditating now, and come back for another “taste” in a few weeks or months time.

Meditation combined with Positive Psychology techniques enable you too can create clarity of life…




Includes Meditation CD and refreshments.

VENUE: The Almshouse Tea Shop, Axbridge. Somerset.