Birch Moon Community Yoga Courses  – With the option to access both in-person and recorded classes.

Attending a term-time yoga course not only gives you a weekly commitment to your health and wellbeing, but you will also notice your progress, and enjoy the benefits and improvements from a regular practice.  A course will also offer you that (often) needed “accountability” of getting to a class. This gentle, holistic yoga is suitable for all (a particular welcome to beginners and those with health issues – contact me to discuss your needs).   We wear masks as we enter and leave our halls – but they are not required whilst you practice.

Gently improve strength, flexibility and balance; calm your mind and gain clarity; find ease in guided meditation; enjoy deep relaxation; learn pranayama – healing breath; be part of a welcoming community; make new friends.

CURRENT CLASSES RUN UNTIL THE END OF MAY – If you’d like to try a class to see if it’s for you, contact me to book your free trial class.
Next 6 week courses start from Monday 7th June

Monday – 10am – 11.15am.  Gentle Chi Yoga – SHIPHAM VILLAGE HALL & Zoom  – This popular class combines the wisdom of Hatha yoga and Eastern healing movement and practices, easy to follow and focusing on gently energising, relaxing and uplifting for mind, body and heart.

Wednesday – 10am – 11.15am.  Holistic Yoga (Mixed Abilities) BADGWORTH OLD SCHOOLROOM, nr Axbriudge & Zoom.  Traditional Hatha Yoga, from a Holistic perspective…this class incorporates various styles to bring a fresh, creative practice supporting you to improve strength, flexibility, balance and alignment.  Suitable for all.

Thursday (fortnightly) from April 1st – Yoga for Better Sleep – 8pm – 9pm.  Soothing yoga followed by “Yoga Nidra” (deep relaxation) to soothe mind body and soul.

Friday – 1.45pm – 3pm.   The Chill Zone – SHIPHAM VILLAGE HALL & Zoom  Slow, gentle yoga and restorative postures…by allowing the body to pause for longer periods of time in a posture, we create an opportunity for the body and mind to relax deeply, unwind and release long-held tensions.  Always popular!

Podcasts – From a short 15 minute relaxation session, to longer Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep/deep relaxation), short yoga sequences to energise or wind down for better sleep, plus uplifting positive psychology tools – this library of audio podcasts are here to support you between classes.

Yoga Cafe – Open to all our Birch Moon Community – this started at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020.  It has been fun, supportive and a much needed time to connect and be part of something positive.  We meet bi-monthly now, VENUE:- varies – in a paddock, hall or Zoom.  Bring your coffee, croissant and enjoy meeting the Birch Moon community plus enjoy a yoga and wellbeing themed talk by Sarena.  Proving to be popular and fun!

PRICES:  For 1 x class per week, the recording and wellbeing Podcasts £ 56 per 7 week term

               For 2 classes per week, the recordings and wellbeing Podcasts £105 per 7 week term

               Yoga for Better Sleep – Drop In £57 or £5 for Birch Moon Community members.

               Keen to do more?  Contact me to discuss options.

If you are facing genuine financial difficulty please do speak to me in confidence and we’ll explore a payment option for you.

Payment Options:- Via BACS – to Sort Code 08-92-86 and Account Number 18024719 OR Via – Link here.