Summer…sunshine, warmth, longer days/shorter nights…rain (it’s the UK after all!)

Welcome to the Birch Moon Resilience & Wellbeing Centre where we come together in community, to practice gentle holistic yoga, meditation and healing chant.  We learn about positive psychology, and cultivate resilience and wellbeing for positive change.   From weekly classes, monthly workshops, retreats and courses, beginners to experienced students are all welcomed and supported.

All our sessions are now available both IN PERSON (with full government guidelines implemented), and simultaneously through the online platform Zoom (easy to join, no subscription fee needed).

Our door is open and a warm welcome awaits.

CLICK HERE for current Yoga Classes – and the side panel for our monthly Sound & Silence healing chant circle.

Gentle Holistic Yoga  – The Power of Slow.

Your students are getting QUALITY TEACHING from you and I think they really appreciate your breadth of experience and wide ranging techniques with a real emphasis on caring for self. I have learnt a lot!  – Pam J, BWY teacher, Bristol.

With multiple Yoga classes available each week – they are all designed to support and strengthen your wellbeing and resilience in both body and mind.  From beginners to experienced, those with health issues and those looking to practice traditional, therapeutic yoga – take a positive step to create your own wellbeing.

Build strong immune and respiratory function:  all our classes this season have an emphasis on using yoga practices to ensure you are taking the best care of yourself that you can.  Physically working to open the rib cage and intercostal muscles (greater capacity to breathe well), oxygenate all your cells through pranayama (breathing practices) to ensure optimum health, and in turn boost your immune system.

NEW!  When you sign up for the yoga courses, you also have access to our growing library of wellbeing podcasts.  New episodes are uploaded regularly from relaxation to meditation, short energising yoga practices to a soothing bedtime routine – these are short and easy to fit into your busy schedule.  We have an occasional “Yoga Cafe” too, where the community come together to learn, chill out and enjoy social time together. 

For our current yoga and meditation class schedule, courses and costs see  HERE.

NEW! The Sound of Grace Retreat, Dorset

Gentle Yoga, chant, music, and stillness…

OCTOBER 1st – 3rd 2021 (Booking Now)

This weekend retreat for women was always going to be special.  Deeply relaxing, uplifting and nourishing – come and join us to ease your way forward from the COVID-19 situation.  Whilst we have a programme planned, it will reflect your needs as an individual and group and will be co-created.   This weekend is still scheduled to go ahead – can’t wait!  

Based in a Grade II listed house, within a secluded valley, near Charmouth/Lyme Regis in Dorset. September still holds the warmth of summer, that magical essence of ‘promise’, and the 11 acres of gardens, meadows and woodland offer the perfect environment to unwind and be still…Interested?  Full Details HERE

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Women with singing bowls

Sound & Silence – monthly chant group

Now online via the ZOOM platform – do join us!

1st Sunday of the month 2.30pm – 4.30pm

We co-create a healing circle for you, your family,
our communities and the wider world.

For Health, Healing & Spiritual Connection
No experienced required – All Welcome.

From Surviving to Thriving

Returning in the autumn, 2020, this popular 8 week course (delivered across 2 x 4 week blocks) is relaxed, fun and informative.  Now in its 10th year, through the power of gentle yoga, positive psychology, and meditation, we explore how you can cultivate resilience and wellbeing through easeful, daily practices.   Boost your mood naturally, manage stress, increase calm, move from pessimism to optimism and flourish!

In-Nature workshops

Be inspired and supported by Mother Nature; immerse yourself in the beautiful Somerset countryside and enjoy a selection of mini workshops that can lift your spirits naturally, unfurl innate creativity and reconnect you to the Source of life.  From walking meditation and yoga in the woods, to creative, expressive nature-inspired journaling – join me in these 1/2 day soul nourishing workshops.