From slow, gentle, holistic yoga to exploring the new science of Positive Psychology and building a Resilience tool kit  – there’s an abundance of support for your health and wellbeing at the Birch Moon Well Being Centre.  You might need this self-care and practical tools now – or you could be looking ahead to prevent exhaustion, burn out, anxiety, or poor physical health.

It’s always easier to mend your roof when the sun is shining…so just as we take our cars in for an MOT or go to the doctor when some illness or pain arises, the courses, workshops and one to one sessions we offer could help you in a multitude of ways.  Whether that’s boosting your mood naturally, building confidence and self-esteem, or easing out the aches, pains, kinks and knots that build up within us all – at Birch Moon we offer you the opportunity to build a tool kit of practical, easy to use solutions to life’s challenges, develop your “bounce-back-ability” and – last, but by no means least take care of your overall wellbeing.  I like to think of what I do as “Practical Happiness” – sharing and teaching tools that make a real difference to your life…

Boost Your Resilience!

Tools To Keep Afloat and Bounce Back
Boost Your Mood Naturally
Lifestyle appropriate Meditation

STARTS: Thur 17th October. 7pm – 8.30pm
@ The Almshouse Tea Shop, Axbridge, Somerset.

Quick! One week to go – and just 2 places left.
Special Offer – £10 off – see the Link below. 

4 inspiring weeks – Resilience Tools have an amazingly positive effect on our ability to Bounce Back from life’s challenges, our mood and confidence.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by “life” – we learn how to surf the waves – boosting our optimism and health.

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We’re Happier when we learn something new, when we’re with like-minded people, and when we hold the reins of our life confidently – join us!

Holistic Yoga Courses – The Power of Slow!

Gentle Holistic Yoga

NEXT 7 week COURSE:- Friday 1st November 2pm – 3pm.
Shipham Village Hall, Shipham, Nr Cheddar, Somerset.

NEW VENUE!  7 week Course:- Wednesday 6th November, 10am – 11.15am
Badgworth Old Schoolrooms, Badgworth, nr Axbridge, Somerset

The perfect way to gently improve flexibility, strength and your overall wellness in mind and body.  The “Power of Slow” lies in the synchronization of breath and mindful movement, releasing long held tensions and habitual patterns we all carry – increase your energy, boost your immune system and calm your mind…

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Chi Yoga

NEXT 7 week COURSE:- Monday 4th November 10am – 1115am
@ Cross Memorial Hall, Cross, Nr Axbridge, Somerset

A wonderful fusion of yoga and Chinese energy movement that brings self-care to a whole new level!  Boost your immune system, calm the mind, improve flexibility and strength. This 1 ¼ hour session is the perfect way to start your week and give yourself a boost – relaxed yet energised.  

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Women with singing bowls

Sound & Silence – monthly chant group

1st Sunday of the month – Nr Axbridge, Somerset

For Health, Healing & Spiritual Connection
No experienced required – All Welcome!

Thrive! Happier naturally…

A relaxed, fun and informative 4 week course exploring how to boost your mood naturally, manage stress, increase calm, move from pessimism to optimism and flourish!

Sound Mind – Sound Body

Saturday October 26th, from 10am to 4pm – Come and explore Healing Chant, Movement and Mudra (hand gestures or seals) plus a wonderful opportunity to explore “singing bowls” and other instruments from around the world used to create a Sound bath…This is a British Wheel of Yoga workshop, open to all.