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NEW Classes Starting…

From Slow, Gentle, Holistic Yoga to exploring the new science of Positive Psychology and building a Resilience Tool Kit  – there’s something for everyone across this summer and into autumn to support your health and wellbeing!  You might need this self-care and practical tools now – or you could be looking ahead to prevent exhaustion, burn out, anxiety, or poor physical health.

It’s always easier to mend your roof when the sun is shining…so see below for upcoming classes which could help you to boost your mood naturally, build confidence and self-esteem, build a tool kit of practical, easy to use solutions to life’s challenges, develop “bounce-back-ability” and – last, but by no means least (!) take care of your overall wellbeing.

from June 2019…

Slow, Gentle, Holistic Yoga

The perfect way to gently improve flexibility, strength and your overall wellness in mind and body.
Weaving together yoga breathing (pranayama), mindful movement and yoga nidra (deep rest)
this class aims to relax, restore and re-energise in an easeful, natural way.

STARTS: Friday 7th June. 2pm – 3pm. Shipham Village Hall.
A 7 week course perfect for beginners.  Cost: £45

and from September 2019

Thrive! Happier Naturally…

Positive Psychology & Meditation

A relaxed, fun and informative 4 week course exploring how to boost your mood naturally, manage stress, increase calm, move from pessimism to optimism and flourish!
Build your Tool Kit for Change which also includes relaxation and meditation techniques.
Great tools for sharing with your children too.

I’ve studied and taught Positive Psychology for over a decade, and meditation for oooh, ages!
Both have had a significant impact on my health and life.
This is my popular 8 week “From Surviving to Thriving” in a nutshell…

STARTS: Thur 5th September.  7pm – 8.30pm.  COST: EARLY BIRD until Aug 1st £50 Full Price £60
Includes Meditation CD and refreshments.
The Almshouse Tea Shop, Axbridge. Somerset.

and from October 2019

Boost Your Resilience!

Tools To Keep Afloat and Bounce Back…

Think of Resilience as “Vitamin R!”

It’s a bit of a buzz word at the moment – but Resilience Tools have an amazingly positive effect on our ability to Bounce Back from life’s challenges, our mood and confidence.
Instead of feeling overwhelmed by “life” – we learn how to surf the waves.

This 4 week course builds your Resilience Tool Kit – great for you AND you can teach your children!
Drawing on the work of Resilience expert, Dr Chris Johnstone, we will explore practical strategies that help you deal with tough times, learn creative problem-solving and improve self-care.
Meditation and relaxation techniques are also taught.

STARTS: Thur 17th October.  7pm – 8.30pm
COST: EARLY BIRD until Sept 1st £50  / Full Price £60

Includes Meditation CD and refreshments.
The Almshouse Tea Shop, Axbridge, Somerset.
Women with singing bowls

Sound & Silence – monthly chant group

1st Sunday of the month – Nr Axbridge, Somerset

For Health, Healing & Spiritual Connection
No experienced required – All Welcome!

From Surviving To Thriving!

Climb aboard the Upward Spiral of life!  My popular 8 week course combing Positive Psychology and Meditation.  NEXT COURSE – Coming Soon!

Gentle, Restorative Yoga

Suitable for beginners, intermediates, the lapsed and collapsed!  Gentle, restorative yoga to melt away stress, calm the mind and increase energy. New course starts Friday 7th June – drop in class 1st Sunday of the month and private 1-2-1 sessions.

Feeling overwhelmed and at a crossroads, I turned to working with Sarena following a friend’s recommendation.  Knowing nothing about mantra, I didn’t know what to expect!  Very quickly I was clearer and able to make decisions that had been beyond me before.  Thank you!

SD, WestonBirch Moon coaching client

I went with a friend and for a friend – not expecting to get much out of this myself.  How wrong can you be?!!  Meditation has been a huge help with my health challenges and the positive psychology tools were important through unexpected challenges.  Taught me to keep an open mind!

HP, Wells, SomersetOn the "From Surviving To Thriving" – Positive Psychology Course

With a busy job and two teenagers, this is my life saver!  You’re voice is very calm and reassuring Sarena, and I always feel better after practising.  Really useful to have the different length tracks too – highly recommend this CD to everyone, beginner and experienced alike!

GD, CheddarReviewing "The Path To Calm” Meditation CD

I’ve been on chant workshops before through my yoga training; Sarena’s have been the best I’ve ever attended.  She holds a clear, safe space, is compassionate, and we benefit from her own extensive study practice as the energy is so strong.

JW, AxbridgeOn the "Sound & Silence" (retreat days and monthly group)

Sarena Mason is a pioneer of the wellbeing field with decades of experience and well developed skills.  I love the way she weaves Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Music into her teaching and therapeutic work.

Dr Chris JohnstoneAuthor of Find Your Power - a toolkit for resilience and positive change.

Sarena has a wealth of experience in the realms of speaking through to singing; from contemplative to the theatrical use of the voice.  She is a compassionate soul – a sheer joy to work with!

Chloe GoodchildInternational singer, voice teacher and author. Founder of The Naked Voice.

How Wonderful your new CD “Sound and Silence” is Sarena.  I could immediately feel the Heart connection and prayerfulness in the beauty and depth of the very clever blend of All YOUR voices. This is so lovely to listen to , so precise in pitch and harmony and very clear diction which is invaluable to everyone wanting to adopt and maintain a regular practice of Chanting .  Truly, I would recommend Everyone to purchase this Precious CD , it is” Up There ” with the World’s Greatest Sound Healers . Thank you so much xx

Susan Vaughan JonesSound Healer, former Opera Singer at Welsh National Opera

Sarena has that rare combination of authenticity, compassion and commitment in both her study and practice of cross-cultural music, sound, and voice therapies. She is an excellent coach and guide to the wide-ranging power of music, sound and chant to inspire, educate and heal. It has been my pleasure to work together.

Pat Moffitt CookPhD-International sound therapist, teacher & author, and founder of Open Ear Center in the United States

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