This monthly group is an opportunity to explore and experience the sacred vibration of sound, chant and mantra ~ meditation ~ the breath ~ silence and inner stillness.

Sounds and vibrations are a powerful form of energy. And just as a high pitched voice can shatter glass, and ultrasound break down kidney stones, then the vibration of our voices, using carefully chosen sounds or mantras that hold healing vibrations, can clear, balance and strengthen us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Indeed, chants and mantras have been used for thousands of years, by people of all faiths and none, to achieve health, healing and spiritual connection. And whatever your own belief/non belief, the vibration of sound leads you more easily into a place of stillness and silence, where healing can occur, and (re)connection to your wise, inner self is made.

We incorporate meditation into these monthly groups, which enables us to take better control of our “monkey mind” – learning how to notice (Witness) our thoughts and life events without judgement, helping us to be more present.

To take part:

Beginners and those with experience are made equally welcome. This group takes place on the FIRST Sunday of each month:

Sunday 4th February 2018
Sunday 4th March 2018*
Sunday 8th April 2018* (Note 2nd Sunday due to Easter)
Sunday 6th May 2018*

Time: 2.30 -4.30pm

Venue: Cross Memorial Hall, Cross, Nr Axbridge, Somerset

Cost per session: £15 including Organic teas and delicious nibbles!

*New for 2018 – The Healing Art of Chant – A Trio of in-depth mantra teachings for Health, Healing & Spiritual Connection.

The March, April and May “Sound & Silence” sessions will see us explore the simple yet profound roots of mantra.

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced at chanting, exploring the fundamentals of mantra enriches your practice, reconnects you to the divine vibration within and removes poor habits or habituation that limits the healing power of mantras.

This new “Trio” will focus on Bija (seed) Sanskrit sounds, together with mudra (hand gestures), colour and visualisations.  Clear, balance and strengthen not only your Chakras (energy centres), but individual organs too.  We will also incorporate healing chants from the Tibetan, Buddhist and Hindu traditions that are simple to learn and use at home; by bringing clear intention to the practice, we will enhance the powerful and uplifting healing power inherent within the sacred sounds.  Cost: £15 per session or £40 for all three.

Take your next step…

To find out what more might be involved, and how the course could assist you please get in touch. Alternatively you can make your booking here:

Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice of cancellation required, or full fee payable.


Previous participants have said:

“This is not only my monthly ‘treat’ but a necessity in my life now.  Being part of a like-minded group, chanting ancient mantras for ourselves and others is beautiful, healing and quite profound.  We are lucky to have you here Sarena!”

LV, Shipham.

“Just to let you know that I loved your Sound and Silence session on Sunday – Great vibrations and healing energy.”

“I’ve been on chant workshops before through my yoga training; Sarena’s have been the best I’ve ever attended.  She holds a clear, safe space, is compassionate, and we benefit from her own extensive study practice as the energy is so strong.”

JW, Axbridge.

“As a complete beginner I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The chanting felt quite strong, but good, and the silence quite profound, palpable.  Incredible, thank you”