This monthly group is an opportunity to explore and experience the sacred vibration of sound, chant and mantra ~ meditation ~ the breath ~ silence and inner stillness.

Sounds and vibrations are a powerful form of energy. And just as a high pitched voice can shatter glass, and ultrasound break down kidney stones, then the vibration of our voices, using carefully chosen sounds or mantras that hold healing vibrations, can clear, balance and strengthen us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Indeed, chants and mantras have been used for thousands of years, by people of all faiths and none, to achieve health, healing and spiritual connection. And whatever your own belief/non belief, the vibration of sound leads you more easily into a place of stillness and silence, where healing can occur, and (re)connection to your wise, inner self is made.

We incorporate meditation into these monthly groups, which enables us to take better control of our “monkey mind” – learning how to notice (Witness) our thoughts and life events without judgement, helping us to be more present.

Complete beginners, who have neither chanted, nor practiced yoga or other “alternative” forms of healing, have felt immediately “at home” with both the chanting and our relaxed, friendly group.  As one new participant said “I didn’t know quite why I went – but it has literally changed my life!  It is my anchor, and a beautiful healing tool.  Thank you Sarena for all your teaching and support.” AF, Worle, Somerset.

Beginners and those with experience are all welcome.

All the First Sunday of the month  2.30pm – 4.30pm

Each session offers a variety of mantra and chant from various traditions, which leads into and supports our key theme.

OPTIONAL: Pre-Chant Holistic Yoga

The perfect way to prepare yourself for the chanting session and gift yourself a deeply relaxing, uplifting afternoon.  From 1pm – 2.10pm a gentle yoga session which includes breathing for health and life (pranayama), postures (asana) to unwind and relax you, releasing the kinks and knots we all accumulate and deep relaxation (yoga nidra) for healing.  Just £7 if attending Sound & Silence or £8 drop in

Sunday 2nd February – Celebrating Imbolc – In the Celtic calendar the first stirrings of spring.  We will plant “seeds”, set intention and support with Abundance mantras.

Sunday 1st March – Your Healing Voice; the first and most primal of instruments, we explore toning, vowel sounds and simple “seed” (Bija) chant. 

Sunday 5th April – Learn a much loved Vedic healing mantra -The Ayur Mantra is a mantra for health and nourishment. It can also be practised with the ancient art of nyasa, a type of mudra practice, where the placing of the mantra on or around the body is said to be beneficial to the nourishment and protection of the psyche. From the Taittiriya Upanishad (6th century BC)

Sunday May 3rd – The Gayatri mantra is a favourite for many people – however, there are multiple versions, ranging from the “Samhita” Original (Vedic) version to other variations that have evolved over time.  Today we explore a longer Gayatri, that emerged from the Vedic, equally potent, always beautiful – and a real joy to chant!

Sunday 14th June – Surya Namaskara – both a physical yoga sequence and accompanying mantra practice.  Honouring the Sun – the short version (Bija/seed sounds) and longer chant will be taught.  Fun! Inspiring, energising and creates clarity. (Please note – on the 2ND SUNDAY!)

Sunday 5th July – Shanti/Peace Mantras – there are so many beautiful mantras to choose from; we will learn chants from various traditions, including Vedic, with correct pronunciation and “melody”. 

Sunday 2nd August – Sound & Silence Retreat Day.  Each year we meet in August spending the morning revisiting mantras taught during the year and softly flowing into a silent lunch and afternoon.  Finishing with Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) to deeply nourish mind, body and soul.  Theme to be announced. 


Venue: Cross Memorial Hall, Cross, Nr Axbridge, Somerset

Cost per session: £15 including Organic teas and delicious nibbles!  £22 to include pre-chant yoga

Take your next step…

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Payment in advance secures your place.  Cancellation Policy: no refunds are offered on these events.


Previous participants have said:

“This is not only my monthly ‘treat’ but a necessity in my life now.  Being part of a like-minded group, chanting ancient mantras for ourselves and others is beautiful, healing and quite profound.  We are lucky to have you here Sarena!”

LV, Shipham.

“Just to let you know that I loved your Sound and Silence session on Sunday – Great vibrations and healing energy.”

“I’ve been on chant workshops before through my yoga training; Sarena’s have been the best I’ve ever attended.  She holds a clear, safe space, is compassionate, and we benefit from her own extensive study and practice as the energy is so strong.”

JW, Axbridge.

“As a complete beginner I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The chanting felt quite strong, but good, and the silence quite profound, palpable.  Incredible, thank you”