This chanting circle is an opportunity to explore and experience the sacred vibration of sound, chant and mantra ~ meditation ~ the breath ~ silence and inner stillness.

Both In Person and Online via Zoom (this is working really well)  come and join us for inspiring, nourishing chant.

The Art Healing Chant Series – 3 x 2 hour sessions giving you the opportunity for a more in-depth experience of healing chant from different traditions.  Includes home support material and a 1:1 session with Sarena.  CLICK HERE for further information & booking.

“DROP IN” sessions – perfect if you’re want to just dip a toe…on the first Sunday of the month – September 2021/January 2022/May 2022.

How does Sound heal?

Sounds and vibrations are a powerful form of energy. And just as a high pitched voice can shatter glass, and ultrasound break down kidney stones, then the vibration of our voices, using carefully chosen sounds or mantras that hold healing vibrations, can clear, balance and strengthen us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Indeed, chants and mantras have been used for thousands of years, by people of all faiths and none, to achieve health, healing and spiritual connection. And whatever your own belief/non belief, the vibration of sound leads you more easily into a place of stillness and silence, where healing can occur, and (re)connection to your wise, inner self is made.

Simple humming – which we have all done since babies – has a direct impact on the 10th cranial nerve (the Vagus nerve) and soothes the nervous system, supports good digestion which in turn boosts the immune system.  Research into the Vagus nerve (Polyvagal theory) also highlights how good Vagal tone helps us to feel safe – and connect with others in a healthy way.  This primal need for connection is even more vital since the pandemic.

“I’ve been on chant workshops before through my yoga training; Sarena’s have been the best I’ve ever attended.  She holds a clear, safe space, is compassionate, and we benefit from her own extensive study and practice as the energy is so strong.”

JW, Axbridge.

Sound…balanced with Silence.

We incorporate silence and meditation into these sessions, and people report that, following chanting their minds are far quieter than usual, or when practising other forms of meditation.  This enables us to take better control of our “monkey mind” – learning how to notice (Witness) our thoughts and life events without judgement, and to be more present.  A sense of alert stillness is often experienced.  Guidance is given during these periods of silence.

Complete beginners, who have neither chanted, nor practiced yoga or other “alternative” forms of healing, have felt immediately “at home” with both the chanting and our relaxed, friendly group.  As one new participant said

“I didn’t know quite why I went – but it has literally changed my life.  It is my anchor, and a beautiful healing tool.  Thank you Sarena for all your teaching and support.” AF, Worle, Somerset.

Your Sound of Grace retreat weekend in Dorset was my first experience of chanting – the difference in my voice was quite staggering.  Stronger, more confident…I’m chanting regularly now and absolutely love it.

“As a complete beginner I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The chanting felt quite strong, but good, and the silence quite profound, palpable.  Incredible, thank you”